IronClock Lifting Timer

Control your workout timers with the accelerometer - you can just keep your phone in your pocket - no need to look at the screen or try to control it with sweaty fingers.


Custom timers let you program any workout with any combination of standard standard timers, text-to-speech counting, and pauses. The timer runs in the background so you can start and control the timers by shaking your phone with the screen off.



- Complete timer control with the accelerometer

- Tailor your shake signal to your preference with multiple adjustable parameters

- Runs in background

- Allows pausing in custom timers to require additional shake signals to continue program

- Includes a "next song" media skip signal when shaking side to side (timer is activated with front-to-back shaking)

- Quick access through optional drop-down notification


IronClock helps you reach your fitness and health goals, whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, or increase endurance, by letting you concentrate during your workout. Nothing ruins a workout more than staring at a clock or stopwatch while training. IronClock allows you to consistently track your rest, interval, or workout times without breaking your focus. By keeping your phone in your pocket, you can stay in the zone, listening to music, and you don't even notice you are tracking time. IronClock also offers an unobtrusive tick sounds for subdividing your intervals.


IronClock was designed to track rest time during weight lifting, strength training, and bodybuilding, but it can be used for a variety of sports or fitness applications. Custom sensitivty threshold adjustments make it usable during exercises with varying levels of movement, including running, tabata interval training, HIIT, crossfit, cardio, cycling, and other fitness activities.


Control your workout.

Keep your phone in your pocket.


Background image by Ali Samieivafa.